Josee Lalonde

As a relative newcomer to the real estate staging field, Josée needed a graphic identity that would help her stand out from her more established colleagues. Meade Design Group embraced her playful, warm and feminine persona and incorporated her love for the magnolia flower into a beautiful logo paired with a clean typeface.

For a modern twist, an angled pinstripe was applied and cascading magnolias were overlaid throughout the package to achieve the perfect balance of feminine professionalism.

Client Testimonial

“I’ve had the privilege of working with Ivan when I first started my business in 2007. He was tasked to design my branding, which included my website and stationary. With no idea what I wanted, he was able to create an amazing design that represents exactly who I am. He has an aptitude for aesthetics and understanding clients which makes him stand out from the others! He takes pride in what he creates and pays close attention to details. In other words, he doesn’t just create something that looks visually pleasing, but he also makes sure that it reflects the values of your website, product, or organization. I highly recommend Ivan and will continue to work with him indefinitely!”

Josée Lalonde

Graphic and Web Design Client, Principal at Josée Lalonde Design & Owner of The HOUSSE

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