Iván Meade

As principal designer and founder of Meade Design Group, Iván Meade has received international and critical acclaim for his work in graphic, interior and industrial design. Meade Design Group has created a niche for itself in branding designers; Iván has worked with interior designers locally as well as in Australia and throughout North America to help them develop high-value brands for themselves.

Design has always been Iván’s passion. With his new eponymous fabric line, Iván has the opportunity to culminate his experiences with several design disciplines into a personal narrative. Each fabric pattern represents an important part of Iván’s own life experience. The line has been meticulously designed with the ability to integrate into other manufacturer’s inventory in addition to limitless combinations within the line itself.

The logo for Iván Meade needed to be fashionable, individual, elegant and versatile for it’s various applications. It also needed to maintain a relationship with the sister ventures – Meade Design Group and LifeMStyle.

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