Graphics that Work for You

With careful attention to colour psychology, balance and scale, a successful graphic design identity is a true representation in every aspect. As the first impression, it needs to make an impact. Meade Design Group creates graphics that exude professionalism and communicate the brand well, targeting the client’s ideal clientèle.


  • Branding
  • Identity/Logo Design
  • Environment Design
  • Copywriting


  • Business Card Design
  • Stationery Design
  • Presentation Folder Design
  • Brochure Design
  • Package Design

Graphic Design FAQ

When should I contact Meade Design Group for my graphic design project?
As soon as possible! Good design takes time, so ideally, the sooner you come to us the better. Printing is another factor to consider as this can be as fast as matter of days for digital printing or a three to eight week process for offset printing, depending on the methods used. As soon as you know what your business plan and name is, we would be happy to get things moving for you.
Generally, how long is this process?
The feedback we receive on our presentations can affect the timing of the process, but in general, a logo will take about 4 weeks from our initial meeting, to the final, refined product. Collateral materials such as stationery and business cards, generally take 1-2 weeks for a smaller package and 3-4 weeks for a larger package in addition to the time required to create a new graphic image.

A website is a different story, because the projects vary so much depending on your specific needs and requirements. A simple website can be completed in 4-6 weeks, but a more complex website (such as one that has content management or e-commerce capabilities) can take upwards of 3 months.

How many options will I be given?
We work on several concepts before presenting you with the best fit for your company and clients. We generally present our top two options for larger projects (one for smaller projects) to you in the first presentation meeting that we think are best suited for your business`s needs. The first presentation will be considered concepts, and are completely adaptable if you think they are in need of some tweaking, whether that be a change in colours or typography. Once we have the identity down, the collateral materials are created with the same look and feel in mind. Generally one option is presented, but again, tweaks can certainly be performed.
What is the best way to communicate with Meade Design Group during my project?
We use a combination of e-mail, phone calls and face to face meetings throughout the project. For presentations of new material we prefer to meet in person whenever possible.

Throughout the project, our project manager will also meet with the team to review progress and to ensure that the schedule, scope and budget are on track. Any changes to the schedule, scope, or budget will require oversight and approval by the project manager. All changes are also discussed with you, the client.

You have the right and obligation to report any issues or concerns as they occur to Meade Design Group so that resolutions can be found as quickly and efficiently as possible.

How should I send you my photos and text or my existing logo that I would like to revise?
We only work with content that has been provided to us in a digital format that can be copied into your design. We are not responsible for any type-os or plagiarism within the text of your designs so please be sure to proofread everything carefully before we go to print or development.

For images, we will request the appropriate resolution and size once we have a design concept to build off of. Photo editing is not included in our packages so it helps you keep costs down if you are able to send these items to us in the appropriate format.

How much should I expect to pay for the printing?
Every printing job is different and there are SO many printing options available. If you have a realistic budget in mind for what you would like to spend for your print job, we can help you meet it. Things like foils, metallic inks, embossing and die-cuts all come at an additional cost. There are also two common but very different kinds of printing with different results in quality and price point:


  • Digital Printing: For most jobs, this is the less expensive of the two options. The drawback is that jobs are printed with tiny dots of ink and the colour varies from printer to printer so it is much harder to control the exact result of the colour tones. Paper textures and colours are also limited with this method. However, digital printing has a shorter turn around and is much more advantageous to print jobs where low quantities are required.
  • Offset Printing: Often at a higher price point, offset printing gives you the ability to guarantee the colour output by using Pantone inks and is printable on a wider variety of paper stock and can be combined with special treatments such as varnishes and metallics. The cost effectiveness of this method increases with the quantity ordered, as there is an upfront cost to create plates of the designs for the inks to be applied to.
Can I use my own printer/supplier/hosting company/signage company?
This is up to you. We can get designer pricing from contacts that we have developed trusting relationships with over our several years in business. We prefer to work with our own contacts but if you have someone else that you would like to work with you may certainly do so. However, we only take full responsibility of the jobs that are completed with the trades we trust and are able to work with directly
What if I run out of my printed goods and need to order more; do I need to go through you?
You are welcome to return to the printer that we sent your original print job to and just order what is called a re-print without going through Meade Design Group. The only limitation here is if you need to make any changes to your files (i.e. you have moved or hired new employees); because you need a graphic design program to edit these files, you will need to call us to make any changes for you. This process is usually very quick and inexpensive because it is generally just a change to text and does not require any major design changes.

If the printing process is a little overwhelming for you, we happily manage reprints. We only charge for the time spent dealing with the printer which is at minimal cost to you.

If you would like to work with a different printer, that`s OK too. You can work with them directly, or ask us to assist you. However, we will need to send the new printer all of the files and printing information because it will be new to them, so even if you do want to manage it yourself, we will have to charge a nominal fee.

What are my rights with my finished logo?
If you have elected to purchase your full logo rights for an additional $ 1,100.00 + applicable taxes, this means that you will receive the original vector files of your logo. These come in handy if you are ever doing any kind of embroidery or specialty printing, need the logo without a background, or if you are advertising with a company that prepares your ads for free. The logo is yours and you can do as you please with it.

You will also receive a graphic identity standards guide, which shows you how to use your logo to keep your branding as consistent and appealing as possible, including the Pantone colours and typography used. Of course, we would still be happy to continue to assist you with any future graphic design needs you may have such as advertising, signage or any other specialty needs. Your loyalty is always greatly appreciated.

If you have declined purchasing the rights, you do not have access to the full logo rights. But that doesn’t mean that we will leave you high and dry! You will still be provided with JPEG files of your logo. These files will work well for most basic advertising and business needs. We will supply you with one large, and one small image in both black and white, and full colour.

Meade Design Group belongs to and abides by the code of ethics and professional standards of the Society of Graphic Designers of Canada.

What if I would like something I do not see listed here?
Just contact us! We work on an hourly basis and can create a free estimate that is tailored to you and your specific needs.
How will I be invoiced?
If proceeding with one of our estimates, it`s simple; we ask for a 50% non-refundable advance to begin the work. This advance will be used towards the final invoice for tasks related to the estimate. Anything beyond the scope of tasks on the agreed upon estimate will be billed on an hourly basis.

If you are working with us on an hourly basis, invoices are created bi-weekly. If there is time logged in our time-tracking system for that time-period, you will be invoiced.

Invoices can be sent via Canada Post or, in PDF format via e-mail. Our default method is by email, if you would like to be sent invoices via Canada Post please contact the studio. All payments are due in ten days after the client has received an invoice. If any invoice has not been paid in full by the client within 10 days of receipt, interest will be charged on the outstanding balance at a rate of 24% per annum from the date of the account until paid. Payment can be made via cash, cheque, Interac, Visa, or MasterCard at the studio and via Pay Pal online.

How can I pay my bill or deposit?
We offer several quick and easy ways methods of payment including:

  • Cheques made out to “Meade Design Group”
  • Credit card (Visa or MasterCard only), using our online invoicing system
  • Paypal

*You may feel free to pay with credit card over the phone, but we ask that you never send credit card information over e-mail to protect yourself and avoid identity theft.

** In the case of a materials purchase (i.e. a printing reimbursement), where the payment is not going directly to Meade Design Group and no profit is being made (payments are being passed on to a third party), we only accept debit or cheque to avoid delays or complications with your order.

Great! I know exactly what I want. How do I get started?
Contact us today for a free half hour meeting at our studio in downtown Victoria to talk about your project and what will be the right fit for you. We will create a free estimate for you to review that is tailored to your specific needs. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you!
*The rates listed on this website are reviewed annually and are subject to change. Clients will be notified in advance prior to any rate changes. Rates will not change mid-contract. Prices outlined are for work outlined by Meade Design Group only and does not include any fees that may be required for project completion such as printing, hosting fees, Google fees etc.