Courtney Street

These newlywed clients purchased the penthouse in the downtown core which was brought to Meade Design Group as a blank slate. The space needed to reflect the youthful energy of the couple and the modern vibrancy of the downtown location while maintaining an air of sophistication and a reprieve from their busy lifestyle.

Contemporary, eclectic pieces were introduced in a bold yet classic neutral scheme with layering textures and pops of bright yellow. Sweeping organic, low forms encourage movement in the space and offset the rigidity of some of the building’s more industrial, rectilinear elements while enhancing the expansive views.

High ceilings were highlighted yet brought to human scale with the use of custom, modern lighting and suspended furnishings while the new fireplace millwork adds a romantic element for the couple to enjoy when they are ready to unwind from the hustle and bustle of downtown.


Photographs by Jeffrey Bosdet for YAM Magazine, Issue 90 May/June 2024

Concept Renderings by Meade Design Group

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