Meade Design Group studio’s neutral scheme creates the perfect backdrop for design concept presentations but has been layered with a myriad of innovative ideas and details working together to create an inspiring work and meeting place. A showcase for the Iván Meade fabric line, design finds, graphic wall treatments and integrated signage, the studio is the perfect culmination of the services Meade Design Group has available to its clients. Clients are welcomed by appointment to explore design possibilities, products and concepts.

Iván Meade

Principal Designer, C.D.P.

Iván designs because it is an intrinsic part of his life. Design is Iván’s passion, he believes everybody deserves to live surrounded by beauty; beauty in the form of function and aesthetic. A good design has to work first, then it has to please the eye.

As principal designer and founder of Meade Design Group Inc, Iván Meade has received international and critical acclaim for his work in interior, graphics and industrial design. Even after 20 years of experience, Iván loves his career because no two days are the same, and that he is able to work creatively with different mediums on a daily basis.

Design has always been his passion. He takes pride in enhancing clients’ homes and businesses so they can live their best life. With the inception of lifeMstyle – the blog in 2007, Iván was at the forefront of the design blogging world. Connections with several contacts within the realm of publishing, art and design that have given him the ability to interview over 200 of the foremost names in the design industry. Ivan’s online presence is now best enjoyed via his personal Instagram page, where he enjoys capturing artistry in the everyday. He has also curated all of his favourite finds within his very own industry respected Amazon Storefront.

Ivan enjoys culminating his experiences with several design disciplines into a personal narrative, including an eponymous collection of home textiles. Each custom-designed fabric pattern represents an important part of Ivan’s own life experience. You can explore the latest launches of his personal endeavours here: ivanmeade.com 
Born in Mexico, Iván has been working and living in Victoria BC, Canada since 1998. He enjoys travelling, visiting art exhibitions, painting, reading, cooking and practicing the ancient art of “willy nilly”. 

Echo Eaton-Thorne

Interior Designer, D.I.D.

Echo designs because it is a creative outlet that also lets her feel like she is helping others live their best life. It’s art with function and purpose.

Born and raised in Victoria, Echo grew up in the world of renovation and general contracting; she received her Diploma in Interior Design from Vancouver Island University’s Interior Design program and graduated with an award in art history in 2006. Interacting with clients, problem-solving, the wonderful team at Meade Design Group, and the ever-changing array of beautiful and inspiring new products are just some of the reasons Echo loves her career. Echo assists in the conceptual development, sketching, drafting, material and furnishing selections and creative aspects of Meade Design Group’s interior design projects for the last 10 years. In her spare time, Echo enjoys entertaining and spending time with friends, painting, photography projects, volunteering, travelling, reading rock biographies and adventures with her husband, Nic, daughters Aurora and Briar, and dogs, Maximus and Sailor.

Beth Brown

Interior Designer, B.I.D.

Beth designs because she believes that our interiors have such a profound effect on us, and that each space should tell a unique story about the people it was designed for.

Born and raised on Vancouver Island, Beth has always had a passion for all things art. She has always been very eager to learn and takes any opportunity she can to explore her interests in the world. At a young age she discovered her love for design, animals, children, and plants, dedicating any spare time to delve deeper into these callings. Beth completed her Bachelor of Interior Design at Vancouver Island University in 2022, graduating with honours. Since being in the interior design program, Beth was inspired to learn about the impact our interiors have on us, and how they can enhance well-being, encourage connection and interaction, and can reflect the individuality of the people it is designed for. 

Interior design has given Beth a way to express her creativity in a way that will bring happiness to others. Beth joined Meade Design Group for the opportunity to continue learning about all things design and creating spaces that will inspire those who visit. In her free time Beth can be found exploring nature, tending to her forest of tropical plants, and spending quality time with loved ones.

Alex Young

Graphic Designer, B.Des, C.D.P.

Alex designs because graphic design is an art with a purpose. It is visual communication and aesthetic expression that can be understood in any language, expresses individuality, and surrounds us in everyday life.

Initially drawn to Fine Arts, Alex’s trajectory took a decisive turn when she discovered graphic design—a medium that resonated deeply with her innate sense of aesthetics and penchant for visual storytelling, leading her to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design from Vancouver Island University. In 2023, Alex earned her CPD certification with DesCan (Design Professionals of Canada). This prestigious certification not only showcases her technical skills but underscores her commitment to upholding the highest standards of design strategy, leadership, communication, and creative direction. As Meade Design Group’s graphic designer, Alex specializes in brand identities and development, marketing campaigns, content creative, packaging design, and tackling any other graphic projects that come our way.

Outside of work, Alex enjoys roadtrips, exploring new cities, staying active (both outdoors and in the gym), and growing her plant family (pun intended).

Joaquina Aldrete

Architectural Designer, M.C.H., Arq.

Joaquina designs because she believes that each space deserves to be a unique work of art.

Born and raised in San Luis Potosí, México, Joaquina has always had a deep passion for art, architecture, and music. She has a degree in Architecture and a Masters in Art History, both earned at the Universidad Autónoma de San Luis Potosí.  Joaquina’s design perspective is strongly influenced by vibrant colours and rich folklore of ancient cultures. Without a doubt, Joaquina’s favourite part of design and architecture is creating a unique space that reflects the character and personality of its inhabitant. To transform a space Joaquina believes it must bring harmony between the environment, its owner, and the design perspective of the designer. Beyond interiors and architecture, Joaquina is also actively involved in the arts and has been the lead in several local stage and musical productions. In her spare time Joaquina can be found spending time with her family and friends, curled up in a comfy chair reading a good book, or just hanging out with her dogs (Cira and Moro).

Jeff Michaud

IT Consultant, MSc, CAPM

Jeff has always had a love for technology and has been coding since the web began. He moved from his hometown in Ontario to enroll in UVic’s Software Engineering program. He now holds two degrees in computer science and is equipped with a broad set of skills and over 15 years of experience in developing web sites and web applications. Jeff finds his work to be both fascinating and creative. Though he is not with Meade Design Group on a daily basis, Jeff is Meade Design Group’s original web developer and is still a valuable part of the team. Jeff continues to help on large scale projects as an IT consultant; assisting in complex custom-coding and keeping the studio ahead of the curve with the latest technologies.

In his spare time, Jeff likes to run, read books, play Ultimate-Frisbee with friends, and saving the odd princess through the power of video games.

Jan Pingel

Web Developer

Jan has lived on Vancouver Island more than 17 years and moved to Victoria from Ucluelet with his fiancee to further his career in web development. He has over 14 years of experience in both front-end and back-end web development. Jan assists in all aspects of Meade Design Group’s web development projects including UI/UX, programming, accessibility & cross-browser testing, integration, migrations, e-commerce, deployment and system administration. He is very detail oriented and enjoys the challenge of looking for the best solution to unique requests. In his spare time Jan enjoys keeping up with the latest in web technologies, PC gaming, and likes to treat himself with the occasional cigar and glass of scotch.