Bear & Joey

Both an interiors and graphics project, owner of Bear & Joey, Peter Wood sought out the help of Meade Design Group to bring his vision of a Sydney inspired café in beautiful Victoria, B.C. to life. The objective was to create a vibrant, casual, yet elegant café unique from all other local coffee shops and restaurants. Bear & Joey’s branding, both graphic and interiors, emanates a clean, feminine, and upbeat look, perfect for capturing Instagram moments.

The typographical solution showcases Bear & Joey’s style and personality; charming, welcoming and unique. The logo is supported by a soft, feminine colour palette consisting of a pale pink and green. Meade Design Group also incorporated Peter’s bear and joey caricatures into pattern repeats and stationary elements to give the brand an inviting and playful vibe.

Meade Design Group had the pleasure of providing Bear & Joey with graphic elements such as a full brand identity including custom to-go cups, coffee labels, food stickers, menus, flyers, tissue paper, ribbon and unique gold mirror graphics, as well as a digital strategy guideline for Instagram. Alongside the branding stationery, Meade Design Group also created merchandise items such as keychains, corduroy caps, toques, socks, tote bags and fabric coffee cup sleeves.


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