Edge Architecture

After working in the industry for several years, founder of Edge Architecture, Gaston Castaño [MAIBEC] decided to start his own firm and came to Meade Design Group for an identity that would appeal to his design-conscious clientele.

A bold lettering style and eye-catching printed bleed was used throughout the printed package and digital media for an architectural and striking finished product. The stationery was printed in four colours to maximize the punchiness of the Edge brand, and even features a die-cut to enhance the unique feature of the offset lettering within the logo.

Client Testimonial

“I hired Ivan to develop the corporate image of my new firm EDGE Architecture Inc. and was thoroughly impressed with the sharp, comprehensive corporate identity that Meade Design studio developed for my company. I receive compliments on a daily basis about my stationary, business cards and the EDGE website, of course. A very fine job indeed!”

Gaston Castaño

Graphic Design Client, Architect

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