The Queen’s Printer

Meade Design Group began the work in the Queen’s Printer building with a concept of blending the past, present and future into one timeless space. This was achieved by working with the interior elements and selections for something that is cohesive and beautiful yet extremely functional. Using features from the building’s history such as the coat of arms, architectural details, typesetting equipment and archived photographs, we reinvented the aesthetics with the use of modern technology, bold proportions and striking materials.

Client Testimonial

“You and your team have been consummate professionals and provided an innovative design solution at Queen’s Printer that has raised the bar for projects of this type in Government. The graphics have received excellent feedback from the occupants and visitors and continue to be one of the main conversation pieces in the new space. I look forward to any and all future projects we may be able to work on in the future.”

Russell Treloar

Graphic Design Client, Workspace Planner, Workplace Strategies and Planning, Shared Services BC

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