Atmosphere Design Lounge

Successful Saskatoon-based interior designer team, Atmosphere Interior Design wanted to branch out and create a storefront where they could sell some of their favourite design products that they felt represented their aesthetic.  One of the principals at Atmosphere was previously a graphic designer, so he had a fairly good idea of what he wanted, and needed not only a great graphic design team to execute a concept, but one that also understood the business of interior design. That is where Meade Design Group came in.

Using a monogram in Atmosphere’s existing branding as the launching point, Meade Design Group layered each letter to emphasize a sense of connection with Atmosphere as well as it’s clients. The “A” and “D” (for Atmosphere Design) were given prominence and the “L”(Lounge) was subtly inset in the “D” and aligned to the horizontal stroke in the “A”, the entire monogram was then outlined for a unique twist on the original branding. The result is refined and recognizable, just like Atmosphere Design’s style.

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