Art In Bloom – “Design Fit For A King”

Art in Bloom 2011 Victoria BCThis year Meade Design Group have been very fortunate to be invited by the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria to reinterpret an art piece of their permanent collection in a botanical extravaganza as part of their annual exhibition Art in Bloom.

We were assigned a stunning oil painting in canvas by Theresa Victoria Wylde (circa 1909) entitled “This Is The World, And I Am King…” (127” height X 137.5 width). Our interpreted title for the exhibit is “Design Fit For A King”

We used a combination of anemones, tube roses, double tulips, mosses and greens accented by drumstick alliums and fuchsia trachelium. We wanted to build up a woodland feeling with berries, mosses and greens, but still have interesting forms and textures with more exotic accents. This is reinforced by the golden graphic that has been applied to the acrylic base which encases the trunk.