A Small Kitchen That’s Big on Style

YAM Magazine - Small KitchenWe are so excited to let you know that Ivan’s own kitchen, yes you read it right, his own kitchen has been featured in the latest issue (May/Jun 2011, page 28-33) of Y.A.M. magazine. It was really nice to see his space through the eyes of Y.A.M. Magazine, and he is very happy with the end result of the article – and why not? Ivan is very proud of his new title as a self-confessed foodie.

Kerry Slavens wrote a beautiful review of the kitchen and the thoughts behind the design choices. The images are also extremely nice thanks to the skilled eye of well known local photographer Jeff Bosdet.

Ivan particularly likes the photography on pages 30-31- as it really showcases how open and light his space is.

Meade Design Group’s dear friend Tara from Tara McHugh Flora made all the stunning flower arrangements for the photo-shoot. www.taramchughflora.com/