Félix Ardanaz

Meade Design Group was thrilled to work with International and world-renowned orchestra conductor Félix Ardanaz to create a unique and timeless brand identity. With skills greater than his years, Félix has made a name for himself. Originating from Spain, Félix has conducted concerts worldwide (New York, Vienna, Prague, Paris, London, Barcelona, Madrid, just to list a few). Meade Design Group created an elegant and professional typographical solution and brand identity for Félix using silver foil and  etching effects. His name is composed of a timeless and professional sans-serif, balanced with his title of ‘conductor’ in a script font demonstrating movement – like the flick of his baton!

Meade Design Group had the pleasure of providing Félix with graphic elements such as a full brand identity, folding foiled business cards, foiled thank you cards, and a custom wax stamp alongside pre-made wax seals.

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