Inés Benavides

Meade Design Group had the pleasure of working with Inés Benavides, a top Interior Designer in Spain who has been recognized as one of the Top Designers of the Decade. Inés and her work have been featured in top design publications in Spain. Meade Design Group has had the pleasure of branding many talented Interior Designers in the past.

Inés’ branding is professional, inviting, and one-of-a-kind, just like her. Her typographical solution consists of a hand-drawn typeface that gives her logo a creative and upbeat vibe, paired with a dynamic ‘B’ element that adds harmony and a sense of movement. Inés’ colour palette consists of charcoal grey and white, with accents of silver foil to elevate the overall branding.

Meade Design Group provided Inés with graphic elements such as a logo and pattern repeats, as well as numerous print media consisting of business cards, presentation folders, thank you cards, authenticity cards, envelopes and letterheads. In addition to her stationery, Inés received branded wrapping paper, ribbon, tissue paper, and a personalized wax stamp with wax seals.

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