MHV Interview About New Ivan Meade Fabric Line

Ivan Meade FabricsIf you’re up on the buzz, the hottest thing going on in Victoria’s design scene certainly seems to be Meade Design Group’s Principal Designer newest venture, the Ivan Meade fabric line! MHV (Modern Home Victoria) wanted to get the inside scoop and interviewed the man behind the Ivan Meade fabric line himself. Check it out at: We hope you enjoy it as well!

Modern Home Victoria is a new local directory and online magazine in Victoria BC that showcases what is new and exciting in our industry.  If you have not seen it yet; you are definitely missing out on a great source of information and inspiration.

We also want to extend our gratitude to Mr. Jody Beck for all the hard work he put into making this entry.

VIC 42 Honours Ivan Meade

Vic42 - Ivan MeadeVic 42 is a local website that celebrates the unique and interesting people in Victoria – our pricipal, Ivan Meade, was invited to be part of their collection of personalities. He was very honoured to be selected and to share virtual space with some of the most influential people in our own community.

Ivan has always said that Victoria has great talent and that we should embrace it – Now we have an opportunity to discover our locals thanks to VIC 42.

Teresa Lindsay & Al Smith are the geniuses behind the VIC 42 concept. A very innovative and progressive platform to showcase talent.

We highly recommend our followers to check out the site for themselves at:!

A Small Kitchen That’s Big on Style

YAM Magazine - Small KitchenWe are so excited to let you know that Ivan’s own kitchen, yes you read it right, his own kitchen has been featured in the latest issue (May/Jun 2011, page 28-33) of Y.A.M. magazine. It was really nice to see his space through the eyes of Y.A.M. Magazine, and he is very happy with the end result of the article – and why not? Ivan is very proud of his new title as a self-confessed foodie.

Kerry Slavens wrote a beautiful review of the kitchen and the thoughts behind the design choices. The images are also extremely nice thanks to the skilled eye of well known local photographer Jeff Bosdet.

Ivan particularly likes the photography on pages 30-31- as it really showcases how open and light his space is.

Meade Design Group’s dear friend Tara from Tara McHugh Flora made all the stunning flower arrangements for the photo-shoot.