The MDG Times No 3

The MDG TimesTo any of you who have been eagerly awaiting the next issue – as many of you know, MDG got a bit of a surprise when our issue normally comes out so unfortunately, it pushed the newsletter back a little. But not to worry – we are back and looking better than ever! (more on that under “The Business of Meade Design Group”).

We’ve got a new team member to introduce you to, and all of your favourites are back, including our current obsessions, recent events, media and the personal feature where you can get to know the real people behind Meade Design Group, – this month you’ll get an anecdote about something that has touched us all recently and one fantastic woman who is doing something about it!

The MDG Times – No.3

The MDG Times No 2

The MDG TimesAfter the great response we received from the previous edition of The MDG Times we have decided to proceed with plans to create the newsletter bi-annually!

We always try to evolve and adapt Meade Design Group to the current needs of our clients; as always, we welcome your input as to what you would like to see from us and how we can serve you better. This initiative is how the business has grown to accommodate a wide range of services in addition to our accessibility including our store, blog, facebook page, twitter account – and even this newsletter!

So keep your feedback coming, we really do value your input.

The MDG Times – No.2

The MDG Times No 1

The MDG TimesWe always want to try to stay connected with each of you and have decided to try a semi-annual newsletter. We have dubbed the newsletter “The MDG Times” and would love to get your feedback on whether or not you enjoyed reading the newsletter and would like to stay on our mailing list. Or, if you have any other facts or features you would like to see in a future issue. We welcome any questions or comments you may have.

The MDG Times – No.1