Ivan Meade Instagram shoutout!

Ivan Meade Design Group Instagram QuoteMeade Design Group’s principal designer, Ivan Meade, had no idea he was “quote-worthy”. A big thanks to @vivianbenjamininteriors for making our day on Instagram!

“In any loft conversion it is very important to maintinng and respect the character and history of the space. The texture and warmth that an old brick wall gives you, or other industrial details, often have more personality than any new build” – Ivan Meade

Escotilla! Now available online

Ivan Meade Industrial Design Escotilla PillowThis pillow was designed to be bold, graphic and full of movement. Rather than use a solid background, Ivan layered a marble pattern underneath to create a sense of depth and subtlety.

Click here to see Escotilla and more pillows on Ivan Meade’s website.

The MDG Times No. 13

Meade Design Group Victoria BC LogoIt’s been a long time since our last newsletter, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been up to exciting things.  This has been another year of stimulating travel, new projects, candle releases and much more!

Read on to catch up on all the latest news and gossip with Meade Design Group in the Summer 2018 MDG Times.

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